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The Besalon Longrun Variable Step Roofing System is one of the most advanced and modern roofing systems developed today. It provides all the advantages and classic look of tiles but without is disadvantages.
Patented Folding Process A patented folding operation with no reduction in metal thickness and hence no weakening of the metal.
Variable Step
Module Size (Distance Between Steps) can be varied between 80mm to 450mm to suit any batten spacings on roofs. This ability allows the appearnace of the Besalon roof to altered dramatically while maintaining equal steps, without half tiles.
Double-Pitch/Multiple Pitch Flexibility Besalon is the only system that gives you double-pitch/multiple-pitch roofing versatility without joints or flashings.
Watertight Double rib profile on the overlap provides double anti capilary drain for excellent resistance against water seepage and full weather protection.
Low Pitch Minimum Pitch of 7.5 possible.

Base Metal High Quality Steel conforming to AS1397:1993 with Zn/ZnAI coating of AZ150/Z275
Thickness 0.48mm TCT Unless Otherwise Specified
Coating Finish Available in a wide range of colours using MULTICOTE G6, G7 or G8 finish (complying to AS/NZS 2728).
Cover Effective coverage is length x 790mm width. Gross coverage is length x 850mm width.
Length Cut to length in module sizes between 80mm to 450mm. Length of each sheet limited only by handling facilities but recommended max 7m.
Accessories Full range of colour-matching accessories are available.

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