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The Eagle Tile is a unique steel tile profile that comes in a fixed module with standard width instead of the conventional longrun tile steel roofing. The Eagle Tile without In-Built Batten system is a revolutionary steel tile that is without its peers in the roofing industry. This system combines the aesthetics of conventional clay of concrete tiles with the lightweight and enhanced structural strength of advanced metalforming technology. The tile profile compromises of wide scalloped pans of the tile in combination with the distinctive ribs create a classic tile appreance on the roof.

Eagle Tile has undergone stringent test conditions in testing centres around the world, and complies fully with the Australian wind loading code AS1170 Pt 11 for terrain category 3 Hurricane and is rated for use in cyclonic/typhoon areas.

Base Metal High Quality Steel conforming to AS1397:1993 with Zn/ZnAI coating of AZ150/Z275.
Coating Finish Available in a wide range of colours using MULTICOTE G6, G7 or G8 finish (complying to AS/NZS 2728)
Thickness 0.48mm -0.63mm TCT.
Tile Width Effective Cover Width of 2580mm.
Tile Module Effective Cover Module Size of 370mm
Tile Coverage 0.95m per tile.
Tile Weight 5.7kg per tile (depending on thickness).

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