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Multi-Span High Tensile roofing has been specially designed for a variety of metal roofing and wall cladding application. It has been used and proven for over 20 years in extreme harsh weather in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Multi-Span provides a capillary barrier on the upper lapping side rib which gives total weather protection.

Multi-Span also provides one fo the widest effective cover in the industry, which means less joints and hence less chance of leaking problems.

Multi-Span can also be sprung curved or crimp curved. The curveing can be produced to both faces of the sheet to either a concave or convex shape. Curves can also be applied vertically, horizontally.

Base Metal

High Tensile Steel of Grade G550 conforming to AS1397:1993 with Zn/ZnAI coating of AZ150/Z275.
Coating Finish Available in a wide range of colours using MULTICOTE G6, G7, or G8 finish (complying to AS?NZS 2728).
Thickness 0.48mm TCT
Minimum Pitch 3? (1 in 19)
Effective Coverage 950mm

  • Roofing and wall cladding for residential, commercial and industrial buildings
  • Large radius curved roofs.
  • Maintenance and repairs over leading roofs of other types
  • External Fences
  • Attractive Facades
  • Ceiling

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