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MALCON range of ceiling products has been specially developed to fully satisfy the aesthetic, quality, durability and functional requirements of descerning architects, designers and customers.
The product range under the MALCON ceiling system include tile ceiling, cell ceiling, lineal ceiling and sunscreen.
The flexibility and versatility of each MALCON ceiling product meets the most sophisticated and complex architectural design. Functional requirements such as air conditioning, sound absorbing and light fittings are incorporated right from the design stage to completion, creating an unobstrusive appearance.

  • Hotels & Restuarants
  • Airports, Bus Terminals, Petrol Kiosks
  • Hospitals, Telecommunication Buildings
  • Banks, Shopping Complexes
  • Institutes of higher learning
  • Commercial & Industrial Buildings
  • External Cladding


MALCON Ceiling System are available in both aluminium and prepainted steel subject to choice of performance, colour and budget and are manufactured to meet the various International Standards for interior and exterior exposure.
Where high degree of spund absorption capacity is specified, MALCON Ceiling are supplied in the perforated finish and installed using an overlay of mineral wool depending on the fire classification and acoustical requirements.


A wide range of standard colours are available ex-stock for both aluminium and galvanized steel material. Non-standard colours can be supplied depending on the colour, quantity and delivery requirements.


The correct method of suspension system employed during installation ultimately determines the overall performance of the MALCON Ceiling. Metal studes are normally included for exterior application while the distance between carriers are fixed depending on the type of ceiling ystem and loadings. Please consult the Technical Department on the methods of installation.

Product Specification

LINEAL CEILING TYPE MCL 105, 155, 205, 305









Products available:   

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