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Product Description and Features
Multi Resources cold rolled steel purlins and girts are manufactured to provide a lightweight and economical roof and wall cladding support system for framed structures. All bracings, fasteners and other accessories necessary to complete the work are also available.

Multi Resources purlins and girts are pre-punched ready for site assembly.

Together with the full range of Multi Resources roofing and wall cladding, designers are able to design cost-effective buildings. PRODUCT PROFILE

Multi Resources manufacturers three purlin profile of various sizes and thicknesses. There are Multi-C (lipped and plain) and Multi-Z Steel purlin.

C & Z Purlins


Multi Resources C and Z Sections are roll-formed from both zinc-coated high strength steel and analloyed low carbon black steel strip. The minimum yield stress for black steel purlin is 280 mPa. For zinc-coated steel purlin, the minimum yield stress is 450 mPa with 275 g/m2 minimum zinc coating.

The steel used for the manufacture of these sections complies to the following Standards.

NZS 3441:1978 Hot Dipped Zinc Coated Steel Coil and Cut lengths. AS 1397 Hot Dipped Zinc Coated Steel Coil and Cut Lengths. AS 1594 Hot Rolled Unalloyed Low Carbon Steel Sheet and Strip. JIS 3101 5541, DG JISG 3302, 1970 SPG.


C sections are manufactured in sizes which are nominally 100, 125, 150, 175, 200, 225, 250 and 300 mm deep.

Z sections are manufactured in sizes which are nominally 100, 125, 150, 175 and 200 mm deep. In each shape and size, a number of base steel thicknesses are available to provide a range of load/ span performances.


On request, sections are pre-punched with either 18mmx22mm elongated holes or 18mm round holes intended for use with M16 bolts. Section are also available unpunched.





Flange Width
Hole Centres


Multi Resources purlins and girts are supplied cut to required lengths up to 15 m. Lengths exceeding this can be supplied but are subjected to suitable transport and site handling arrangements.


A 50 x 50mm sawn finish, Alan Batu nailing strip can be supplied to order and fixed to the top flange with 6mm black coach bolts at 900mm centres.


Fastening of purlins and girts to cleats is normally by either M12 or M16 class 4.6 bolts.

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