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  Thursday, November 26, 2020   

Achieving Energy Efficiency with 3 Products In One:

  • Radiant Barrier
  • Condensation/Vapour Barrier
  • Conductional Insulation Barrier

Most importantly, Kingspan AIR-CELL is non-allergenic, non-irritant and has none of the health and safety warning associated with using many conventional fibre insulations.

  • Advanced Thermal Performance
    Installed Kingspan AIR-CELL is a high performance alternative to conventional bulk fibre insulation.

  • Three Products in One
    Kingspan AIR-CELL provides a protective vapour barrier, insulation barrier and radiant barrier all in one.

  • Three Way Thermal Protection
    Against tropical heat gain and heat loss.

  • Non-allergenic, Non-irritant and Non-carcinogenic
    Is non asthmatic and poses no health and safety risks.

  • Waterproof and Unaffected By Moisture
    Ideal in humid climates and protects your ceilings and walls from water damage.

  • Anti-bacterial And Anti-fungal
    As a clean, sterile surface, Kingspan AIR-CELL will not promote the growth of fungi or bacteria.

  • Strength And Durability
    Kingspan AIR-CELL manufactured form unique anti-tear surface material and does not require support mesh.

  • Rodent and Insect Resistant
    Kingspan AIR-CELL does not provide a nesting medium for rodents and insects.






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