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  Thursday, November 26, 2020   

Various Western Ventilation Equipments

  • Exclusive Corrugated Vane Design
    ensures rigidity, and prevents shipping damage.

  • Weatherproof and Dustproof Tubular Casing
    minimum maintenance under most severe conditions.

  • Locked-On Rotor
    prevents loss or damage in the highest winds, yet the ventilator is easy to dissamble without special tools.

  • New Bearing Suspension
    new bearing assembly keeps friction loading so low that momentum keeps the head spinning even in sporadic winds.

  • Box-Girder Construction
    is used for rigidity and permanent alignment.

  • Permanently Sealed Weatherproof and Dustproof Casing
    protects bearings from airborne dust and grit. Entire cartridge can easily be filed replaced.

  • Radial Bearing
    for minimum friction drag and long operating life.

  • New Support Spider Assembly
    redesigned for greater strength and rigidity.

  • Minimum Clearance Between Base and Rotor
    improves draught because of reduced air leakage.

  • Paint Finish
    standard steel construction ventilators paint finish. Stainless steel and aluminium construction (optional)

  • Disc Type Dampers
    optional. (Consult manufacturer)



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