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TRIPLE "R" FLOOR SYSTEMS are used in offices-computer suites-control rooms-radio rooms-hospitals-power stations-water and sewage treatment works-telecommunications buildings-airports-baggage handling areas-TV studios-clean room constructions, in fact everywhere that there is a requirement for housing cables, ductwork and pipework. Triple 'R' Floor System offer easy and immediate access to all underfloor services


MAESTRO is ideal for boardrooms, restaurants, hotel receptions, atriums, banking halls, foyers or any area where a touch of luxury is required.

RFI Floors Shielding System

RFI FLOORS SHIELDING SYSTEM are used in: Military Installations, Banks, Computer Centres, Television Stations, or anywhere there is a need for security against Radio Frequency Interference. Other industries include Petrochemical Plants, water & Sewage Treatment Works, Power Stations, Telecommunications buildings etc; in fact. Wherever there is a high density of underfloor services and cables.

Clean Room Floor System

CLEAN ROOM FLOOR SYSTEMS are used in Microchip, Water fabrication, Biotechnology and Medical Industries.



PAF INDUSTRIAL ACCESS FLOORING AND ADJUSTABLE FRAMES provides a wide range of Industrial Access Floors for use in Power Stations - Generator Rooms - Plantrooms - Processing Plants - Water & Sewage Treatment Works - Machine Shops - Control Rooms - Clean Room Construction - Petro - Chemical Plants - Offshore Platforms. In fact, wherever there is high density of pipework, cables and ducting.

PAF Industrial Access Flooring and Adjustable
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